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Things to do:
☑ Find a lovely boy.
⌛ Find a Job
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☑ Visit London
⌛ Visit London again
⌛ Go to Japan
⌛ Make my art more lovely


"I made a promise with mom, that after I got better we'd have a snowball fight."

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Shiro & Izuna <3 


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The beach and jungle design for ep 6 “shiritori” game scene. At first it was hard to understand the concept of this sequence, so Ishizuka san gave me some detailed explanation in japanese. Despite this it was still difficult to figure out how it will be showed on screen!
I was really looking forward this scene when watching the anime.

I put those giant rocks with tribalish animal paintings to make the beach less flat and visually more interesting. It seems that Ishizuka san liked this idea.


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studies! trying to work with looser brushstrokes. refs from the deviantart stock photo section

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